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It's our brandversary!

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

This month, TwoWards Solutions celebrated one year in business 🥳 We have had a lot of fun building our brand from the ground up and serving up innovative solutions that meet our clients' unique needs. We've also learned A LOT. Below, our co-founders, Michael and Deseré reflect on the past year and share a few lessons they've learned that have not only led to TwoWards Solutions' success, but to our clients' success as well.

1. Know your worth 🤑

One challenge we have faced since being in business has been figuring out how much to charge for our services. It can be tempting to set your prices low in order to entice the consumer or compete in the market; however, it's important to value the time, energy and talent that goes into producing your business' product/service. TwoWards Solutions has helped several of our clients recognize their value and, consequently, increase revenue using proven strategies that get results. Take Accented Glory for example:

TwoWards Solution has been a game changer for my women’s fashion accessory brand. Their marketing solutions have helped me gain online brand visibility and land design features on Essence, Martha Stewart Shop, and Refinery29! More importantly, TwoWards Solutions' individualized and targeted content strategies help me engage with my ideal customers and covert that engagement into sales." - Accented Glory

2. Stay relevant 🚨

People can't purchase your product or utilize your services if they don't know anything about you. Every chance we get, we're telling someone about TwoWards Solutions and have

found creative ways to spread the word about our business. If you wanna hear more details about our business development strategies, schedule a consultation call with us 😉; TwoWards Solutions has helped several businesses increase their market share simply by building brand awareness among our clients' target audiences. We've also helped individuals discover their personal brand identity and create strategies that help them stand out in saturated social media feeds. One of our biggest success stories has been a client who ran for political office and WON! Shoutout to Salisbury City Councilman Harry McLaughlin whose campaign website we built as a communication tool to house his campaign messaging.

3. Avoid the "lone wolf" mentality 🐺

Talk often with other business owners, especially those in your industry. It may seem counterintuitive to mingle with the competition, but adopting an abundance mindset will allow you to see there are plenty of fish in the sea of consumers and a plethora of money bags to secure 💰; who knows, one day you may catch too many fish or need some assistance from a business that specializes in a service you don't provide but your customer desires. Shoutout to all our entrepreneurial peers who have sent us referrals, funding/educational opportunities, and who have shared wisdom gained from their personal entrepreneurship journey.

4. Invest in marketing and communications 🗣️

You can have the best product/service in the world, but if no one knows about it or understands what you do, it's going to be difficult to sale it. That's why marketing and communications was one of the first things TwoWards Solutions built when we arrived on the consulting scene. If you ever want to see our brand marketing work in action, just take a look at our website and #TwoWardsSolutions hashtag. It may be tempting to cut corners with marketing and communications, but the lack thereof could lead to miscommunication, and no one likes to be misunderstood 🙃. If you don't have the bandwidth or time to dedicate to painting the perfect picture of your brand's story, service, or product, ask for help, which is a great segue into lesson #5.

5. Ask for help 🙋🏽‍♀️

It's okay to ask for help. If people didn't ask for help, TwoWards Solutions would be out of business. When you get help with the things you aren't an expert on or with things you don't particularly enjoy doing, it frees you up to focus on your strengths and what you like to do. Asking for help also provides a counter perspective you may not be able to see because you are buried deep in the problem you're trying to solve. But don't just take our word for it! Here's what one of our clients had to say:

"Even professionals need a little help, and that's exactly what TwoWards Solutions did for me! From a comprehensive branding strategy to a brand-new website, the TwoWards Solutions experience was top-notch from start to finish. If you are looking for a team that actually cares about your success, I highly recommend TwoWards Solutions. Deseré took the time to listen to my needs, and quickly produced an amazing website and comprehensive branding strategy that gave me the tools and confidence to move forward with my personal brand." - University of Texas at Austin professor and administrator


THANK YOU for supporting TwoWards Solutions during our first year in business! 🥰

Whether you've utilized our services, sent us referrals, or read our blog, your support has been seen and felt 🙏🏽 To read more testimonials from our client's, check out our website. Interested in how TwoWards Solutions can take your business or brand to the next level? Schedule a free consultation call using this link. Know someone who can utilize our services? Go ahead and slide into their DMs with a link to our website and this blog post😉

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